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I have made this information available for those who are interested in subjects such as bio-design, biomechanics and the link with functional anatomy. In the world of technology one is confronted with a large variety of possible solutions for issues at hand.

Aim to prevent in stead of cure

In our scientific research we aim to prevent in stead of cure.
The human anatomy explains or even proves why there is only one truly relaxed hand position.

The shape of the HandshoeMouse reflects what is dictated by the anatomy.
Research shows what happens when the human forearm, hand and fingers are pushed in what we call strenuous muscle positions, so contrary to what the anatomy dictates.

For example by rotating the forearm one can see what happens to the Interosseous Membrane and thus all that is connected with it.

Possible solutions

It is only by means of analyses of the problem and evaluation of possible solutions, that one is able to select the one most appropriate. Based on background and experience possible solutions can be presented or an insight given to establish them.

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